Content Strategy:

As part of my Masters degree, I┬ácompleted a full content strategy for the City of Newcastle’s Economic Development department, which oversee the city’s main tourist website. I took a full audit, and suggested a big move away from the current text- and pdf-heavy design and into a mobile-responsive site that tells the unique NewcastleContinue reading “Content Strategy:”

Writing: Tree-house Magic

“It had been an average kind of afternoon in outer Issaquah: lunch at an Irish pub, a short trail walk, snapping photos in a ferny forest. But as darkness crept in, damp and chilly through mossy trees, things started to get magical. Lights began to wink on high above me behind rough shingles and shadowyContinue reading “Writing: Tree-house Magic”

Music: “Multitasking” for bass

What happens when you try to play a tricky piece of music, talk to the audience and simultaneously take texts, calls and selfies on your smartphone? I wrote and performed “Multitasking” for my Masters in Communication in Digital Media class at the University of Washington this spring to find out. The result? Connection and distraction,Continue reading “Music: “Multitasking” for bass”