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Writing: Tree-house Magic


The Burl at Treehouse Point. Photo: Rosemary Ponnekanti

“It had been an average kind of afternoon in outer Issaquah: lunch at an Irish pub, a short trail walk, snapping photos in a ferny forest. But as darkness crept in, damp and chilly through mossy trees, things started to get magical. Lights began to wink on high above me behind rough shingles and shadowy figures made their way up twisty stairs, half hidden behind tree trunks. I was sleeping in a tree-house, one of eight perched high in the canopy like something Tolkien might have dreamed up, at what has to be one of Washington’s more unusual destinations: Treehouse Point.”


This is just the beginning of a travel story I wrote for The News Tribune’s “Getaways” print section in March 2014. For 15 years I’ve written journalism stories: breaking news, features, arts reviews, travel stories. I write long- and short-form, from obituaries to humor. I seek out the best stories and tell them in the best way.

I’ve also given writing workshops and won awards for journalism and fiction.

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