Quarantine Hotel: Day Four – Fishbowl

It’s over 6am coffee that I have my most insightful moment of the trip so far. “What’s an analogy, exactly?” asks my son, finishing up some English homework. It might be Saturday in Sydney, but it’s still Friday in Tacoma, and he’s been doing online school since 2:30am. “It’s a comparison.” I pause for dramaticContinue reading “Quarantine Hotel: Day Four – Fishbowl”

Quarantine Hotel: Day Three – Game On

The cracks are showing. It begins at 6:15am with an angry text: *Put on some headphones!!!* A violent whump from the pillows in the bedroom. Another forceful text. Trying fruitlessly to fall back asleep on the sofabed, I glanced over at my son, who’s deep in a group presentation for his English class. Both ofContinue reading “Quarantine Hotel: Day Three – Game On”

Quarantine Hotel: Day 2 – Work/outs

Today began early. Really, really early. My son’s school starts at 4:30am Sydney time, so it’s not a surprise when his alarm goes off. With one bedroom and one living room, we decided I would take the sofa bed as I have the least need for sleep, so I don’t mind when he turns onContinue reading “Quarantine Hotel: Day 2 – Work/outs”

Quarantine Hotel: Day 1 – Little Things

It’s quite amazing how much joy you can get from little things when you haven’t got much else. Like coffee. Hearing some hotel horror stories, Mum has tucked in a French press and packet of Vittoria into my sister’s suitcase, and after three days without a latte you’ve no idea how good that one tastes.Continue reading “Quarantine Hotel: Day 1 – Little Things”

Quarantine Hotel: Day Zero

We’re hungry, with no food in sight; jet-lagged, in a room without a key. Yet strangely, I’m at peace. After a 27-hour journey from the other side of the planet, we’re safe in a place where all we have to do is live through the next 14 days and we’ll be set free in paradise.Continue reading “Quarantine Hotel: Day Zero”