Wild Looping Bass

I’m a bass player who’s also passionate about the environment, and incorporates looping bass improvisation with wild sounds in nature. I’ve played for outdoor festivals, yoga classes and as enrichment for zoo animals. As much as possible I try to interact musically with the wild sounds that are happening at the time, either live or recorded, such as bird calls, whale songs and so on. By taking interspecies communication onto the musical level, I explores how our understanding of nature deepens as we listen, and how this can alter our awareness of being fundamentally interconnected with our natural environment.

Summer 2021 concerts

Stay tuned for performances.

Past performances

In December 2020, for the winter solstice, I played looping double bass for a socially-distanced crowd at the Seymour Conservatory in Wright Park, Tacoma. It was part of the Tacoma Light Trail, with lanterns inside made by Pax Tahoma, for a pandemic memorial event. With thanks to Metro Parks Tacoma for the video.

Howling with Wolves:

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

Whistling with Walruses:

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Whale Yoga with Amelia Moore, with Tacoma Public Library for Tacoma Ocean Fest.
I play looping double bass music for yoga classes, inside and outside. This promo video recorded in collaboration with yoga teacher Shawnda Noone at Point Defiance Park, Tacoma.
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